1. Q:


Can Indonesia provide legal protection on IPR?

Indonesia has already established a relatively comprehensive legal system for protection of IPR. The IPR, mainly containing patent right, industrial design right, trademark right and copyright, can be protected in Indonesia through certain legal mechanisms.
Through the legal procedure for repression of unfair competition, interested parties can protect the civil rights in their well-known trademarks, shop or manufacturer names, commodity decorations and trade secrets.


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What are required to do to acquire legal protection of IPR?

Learn that their rights are infringed upon, IPR owners should, first of all, preliminarily investigate the infringement, analyze and/or study their findings to identify the category and nature of the act of infringement and decide on the manner to stop such act.
The investigation should, at least, find out the name, address and other necessary background information of the infringer, the time and approximate scale of its production and sale of infringing products, and get hold of the specimens thereof, as well as such related evidence as invoices, specifications and promotion materials.
The investigation can be conducted by right holders themselves or entrusted to a professional agency.


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What is an IP Consultant?

A registered IP Consultants are scientists or engineers who are not lawyers and who have met the Indonesian Intellectual Property's educational requirements and have passed licensing examination. To pass this exam, the consultant must have the knowledge of pertinent areas of IP law. An IP Consultant can represent inventors before Indonesia Intellectual Property Office.


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Is a local consultant a must for the foreign applicants to proceed with Intellectual Property-related matters before the Indonesia Intellectual Property Office?

Yes. Any foreigner or foreign enterprise intending to apply for the registration of a Intellectual Property and for any other matters concerning a Intellectual Property in Indonesia shall entrust any of such organizations as recognized by the state to act as his or its consultant.